Amsterdam: Pancakes

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Ya’ll. If you end up going to Amsterdam, you DESPERATELY NEED TO MAKE SURE YOU EAT SOME PANCAKES. These are not the same sort of pancakes we are accustomed to at home, but are instead very thin with a sort of crepe like consistency.  We were staying at the Waldorf Astoria, and asked the concierge where to get the best pancakes in Amsterdam. They suggested two different places, and during our stay, we went to both.

Carousel Pancake House

Nat’s Rating: 6/10
The first place we tried was Carousel Pancake House. The pancakes here were pretty damn incredible, but I think we went during an off day. We ordered a total of 3 pancakes, and they messed the order up so badly and so often that by the end of our meal, there were 6-7 giant pancakes sitting on our table, completely untouched. It was sort of weird. However, the food was delicious. I got strawberry pancakes that were drizzled with ‘chocolate’ (aka Nutella). As you can tell, they were sweet and delicious. Jay and a friend of ours both ended with savory pancakes. Both of the guys said they were also amazing.

Pancake House Upstairs

Nat’s Rating: 6/10

Sorry for the shitty photo. Pancake House Upstairs is a tiny place, and we were in tiny corner fairly far from the window.  There are only like 4 tables in the place and you have to walk up the steepest, skinniest, deadliest stairs I have *ever* seen in my life. I’m only 5’3 and I was hunched over in the craziest of manners to get into this place. I was certain I was going to fall down and break my neck. I really loved these pancakes, and the place really has that old world charm to it.  You will want to make a reservation if you want to eat here, and wear decent shoes, lol.

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