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Nat’s Rating: 10/10

Jay and I recently took a quick trip to Amsterdam to get away a bit, as his travel schedule the last couple of months has been insane. He always likes to tell everyone that when we travel together, he goes for the food, and I go for the photos– which makes me laugh because it’s pretty much true. I’m far less adventurous than Jay when it comes to food, but I’ve been trying hard to  broaden my horizons and try new things.

We arrived in Amsterdam at a weird time in the afternoon, and were both starving when we got there. After dumping off our stuff at the hotel, we left to find some food. Jay was digging around in his phone trying to find a highly rated place and came across Senses Restaurant.  He was immediately smitten, as they don’t have a menu– you just sit down and choose how many courses you want to eat, and then they start bringing you the food. For a picky eater like myself, this could be a nightmare, as things like textures can throw me off, and while I do eat seafood, it’s not my favorite. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the experience at Senses.


This tiny ‘sandwich’ was about the size of a quarter. The bread was super crispy, and the tomatoe jam was just absolutely amazing. It’s hard to explain the texture of the bread part, but it was truly spectacular.

Because this trip was probably 2 months ago, I actually freaking forgot what all this stuff is, but it was truly delicious. Whatever this was, it was prepared 3 ways. The foam presentation is at the front of the photo, the two little things on raised platter were sort of sweet, and iirc, the 2 little things on the rock were almost like a dip texture.

Random fish dish that was not my favorite. It seems like I ate 2 of these happily but did not eat the third one and Jay stole it off my plate, lol.

The southern girl in me preferred this to the other dishes, just because it was red meat presented to me in a way I recognized, lol.

This place was *really* good, but again, you have to have a more open minded attitude if you’re going to eat here, because there’s no menu. If you’re a hardcore foodie that will eat anything and everything– take the time to come here. You won’t be disappointed.

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