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Ginger Pear Bread

I heard Jay and Alea in the kitchen, both whining emphatically about what a pain in the ass it was to chop the pears.  I was laughing as I sat… Read more »

Blueberry Tart

The crappy photo on this recipe does not do the yum of it justice. Unfortunately, I’m sometimes a really lazy photographer and thus we are left with what you see… Read more »

Fried Ravioli

Ya’ll, I love me some fried stuff. I also love me some cheese. The idea of fried cheese always makes me want to leap into the air with joy.  This recipe… Read more »

Cranberry Scones

One of my favorite ‘splurge’ treats from Starbucks is a cranberry-orange scone. Jay was wanting to try his hand at baking, which is something he’d not really taken an interest… Read more »