Eats in the ATX: The Grove Wine Bar & Kitchen (Lakeway)

Nat’s Rating: 8/10
*This isn’t some super fancy place, but it’s some good eats in a lovely venue. Some would find pricey– check their menu online first so you know what you’re getting into

We generally eat dinner at home on the weekdays, but on weekends we tend to eat out more often than not. While we do enjoy going downtown to eat, we sometimes want something quick that isn’t a hassle to get to. It just so happens the Lakeway location of The Grove Wine Bar & Kitchen is almost directly across the street from our house, making it extra convenient. They change the specials from time to time and the menu changes often. We’ve eaten here for brunch, lunch and dinner many times.  It’s also got a decent wine selection, which is probably while Jay likes it so much. To top it off, the food is generally really good and the view is spectacular.  This isn’t like, the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life, but it’s tasty, well cooked and generally well presented.

They have these wine flights with a sampling of 3 different types of wine, which the hubs finds the bees knees. It’s probably a bit much to sample if you’re driving, but if you’ve got a safe way home, do indulge. I also found this photo on Alea’s instagram, and stole it without permission, lol.

Anyway, this is a great place to grab a quick bite with a gorgeous view. The coffee shop attached to it is also super delicious– do recommend.

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