PPW: Beef & bean burritos

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The kids came over for dinner the other day and we decided to grill some burgers. We ended up using a mixture of beef and ground brisket and I had a bunch left over since we were only making 4 burgers. I wanted to use up the beef I had left over, so I popped on over to the Pioneer Woman to decide what to do with it. I landed on beef and bean burritos and they did not disappoint.

Project Pioneer Woman: Day 5 – Beef and bean burritos
Original recipe: The Pioneer Woman – Beef and bean burritos

Nat’s Changes: I wasn’t able to find the tomato sauce she suggested, but my store did carry the same brand of enchilada sauce. I browned the meat along with the onions and garlic first, removed most of the grease, and then poured about half the can of enchilada sauce in the meat. I cooked it down, on low, for about an hour. I used cumin, chili powder, carne asada seasoning, salt and pepper.

I served this with a corn salsa I threw together on the fly. I roasted some corn on my stove, cut up 4 Roma tomatoes, red onion, an avocado, some cilantro, some salt, pepper and a little lime. It was fantastic!

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