PPW: spinach soup with gruyere, roasted carrots

I decided to serve dinner in 3 small courses today, and it turned out beautifully. So far PPW has been so much fun! I’m super glad I decided to try this experiment!!

Project Pioneer Woman: Day 4 – Spinach soup with gruyere
Original recipe: The Pioneer Woman: Spinach soup with gruyere

Nat’s Changes:  I doubled the garlic, used more spinach (I could only get a giant thing of spinach from my grocer). I used a whole onion instead of half– and added a bit more spices to this. This soup was ROCKSTAR, guys. Amazing.

Original Recipe: The Pioneer Woman – Roasted carrots with vinaigrette

Nat’s changes: I don’t think I changed anything here, but you guys, I messed these up hardcore. They were weird and soggy and did not taste delicious. I did something wrong, but again, unsure what. I can’t even post the photos because they look terrible, too– haha!


Overall– 10/10 would make the soup again!

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