Project Pioneer Woman: Day 10 – Apple Tart

I’ve mentioned before that I’m the worst baker in the world. Part of this is because baking is generally an exact science, and I tend to be a more flippant cook than most. I generally dislike the whole measuring meticulously part of baking, and when I’m cooking dinner, I’m known to just toss shit Willy nilly into whatever I’m cooking.

Though I am cooking an actual meal (from PW of course) for dinner, I have been wanting to bake something sweet that wasn’t full of chocolate (as Jay isn’t a fan) so that he’d come home to a house smelling delicious and have a little snack to nom when he walks in– but the most important part, was that I wanted something easy because I *am* a terrible baker.

Project Pioneer Woman: Quick & Easy Apple Tarts
Original Recipe: The Pioneer Woman: Quick & Easy Apple Tarts

Nat’s Changes: I ended up making 2 different tarts. One basically according to instructions, and another one that I stuck in a tart pan and just went off the reservation with.  The one thing I want to say is…I DIDN’T HAVE A SINGLE LEMON/LIME/ORANGE or ANY CITRUS AT ALL. I was loathe to go to the market– so I just sort of skipped it and hoped for the best. I also cut some tiny little strips of puff pastry and placed them on the top of the tart to make it pretty. I may also have melted a smidge of butter and brushed it across the tops of the pastries. Here’s the one where I basically followed instructions, except I also sprinkled it with cinnamon and a smidge of regular sugar. I did the same for the tart in the round dish as well.

Now, I intend to serve this with some vanilla ice cream and a smidge of mint– but for now isn’t this lovely? It’s too hot to cut up at this point so I’m going to leave it out on the counter to cool and see if Jay starts poking around at it when he walks in, lol.

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