Project Pioneer Woman: mm sandwich & pea salad

Look, I dunno why I chose to make calorie laden foods today, but I did, and there you have it.  I *love* pea salad, it always reminds me of being at my Grandmere’s house. The hubs and I are both fans of sandwiches, so this was almost a no brainer.

Project Pioneer Woman: Day 3 – MMSandwich & Pea Salad
Original Recipe: The Pioneer Woman – Marlboro Man Sandwich

Nat’s Changes:   Again, I used additional seasonings. A bit more Tabasco, several bulbs of garlic, and splashed the sauce with some red wine. Jay isn’t a fan of cheese, so he ate his much like Ree Drummond serves hers, but I added a bit of provolone to mine. Amazing.

Project Pioneer Woman – Pea Salad
Original Recipe: The Pioneer Woman – Pea Salad

Nat’s Changes: I used a little more bacon. I chose to use frozen, steamfresh peas. Next time I’ll dice the red onions, as I found them sort of in the way, yet necessary. :). I used a tiny bit more vinegar as well. This was just yum if you’re a fan of pea salad. So good!!!!

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